Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weezy F Baby

Salutations to all so last night @ the BET Hip-Hop Awards Wayne shed some light on on world. If winning the People's Champ Award, Lyricist of the Year Award,and the MVP Award (beating out Jay-Z, DJ Khaled, T.I. and Kanye West)wasn't enough for you he told everyone he is expecting a son any day now. As he was accepting his MVP awards last night the last thing he said was , "I got a son about to be born any day now, so shout-out to him. Pray for me."Another thing Wayne dropped last night was saying that he is going to re-release the already platinum Carter 3 but with completely new songs.WHAT!!!!!He clearly states that this is not a repeat of THe Carter 3 or The Carter, its all new. Its is going to be a crazy 4th quarter for hip-hop.

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