Saturday, October 25, 2008

Game was on blast last night

Aight so last night we took it to Mo Runs and licked those guys in our softball game. FITTED is getting hott right now. Well shouts to my boy Bobby Filipino for taking that grand slam out of the park(too bad it was and illegal pitch but well count it)and shouts to the DirtyJap for balling last night also going 3 for 4 scoring twwice with 2 rbis, but what was really dope was we were up 8 in the bottom of the 7th n i was up to bat. O was like you can end it right here and i was like aight. Pitch comes in put that bitch on blast took it over the fence and it was a Walk Off Home Run to seal the game for Team FITTED(same thing happen last week but too bad i hit it in the no zone o wells) Beware Were on the come up.

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