Monday, October 27, 2008


Salutations to all so my boy KNOWXONE has been grinding hella hard to get this shit done and it is finally here. Dropping today are three dope mixtapes and here the 2nd one for you. we got CNTH x KNOWxONE: KNOWxONE’s Business Mixtape out today and this shit is ill. Shout to my boy KNOWXONE for the drop and everyone download this shit now do not sleep on it. Tomorrow will be too late.Track List below
1. The Clash – Straight to Hell
2. T.I. feat Kanye West and Jay-Z – Swagger like Us
3. Drake feat. Lil Wayne – Man Of The Year
4. Tabi Bonney – Syce It
5. Kid Cudi – Spazz
6. FKI – Hawaii Freestyle
7. Cool Kids – Unos
8. Tassho Pearce - Fresh to Death
9. Diz Gabran – Exactly
10. Marky – Sweet Dreams
11. Santogold feat. A.C. – You’ll Find A Way (remix)
12. A-Trak feat. Kid Cudi – Catch Up
13. Jay-Z – Jockin Jay-Z
14. Glass Candy – Ghetto Boys
15. Clipse - Fast Life
16. Fonzworth Bentley Feat. Andre 3000 – Everybody
17. DJ Greg Street feat. Lupe Fiasco and Wale – Dope Boys
18. Kid Sister feat. David Banner - Family Reunion
19. Kidz in the Hall feat. Estelle - Love Hangover
20. Shareese Renee Ballard / N.E.R.D - You Know What
21. Kanye West - Love Lockdown (DJ Jami RMX)
Media Link-Cant Knock The Hustle Vol.2 KKNOWXONE'S BUSINESS
ZShare-Cant Knock The Hustle Vol.2 KKNOWXONE'S BUSINESS

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