Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Somebody's Gonna Die 2Nite-New Jersey Devil

Heres a track off New Jersey Devil's mixtape which will be dropping this friday. This beat is hard. If this is a preview of the mixtape then I'm sure it will be worth blasting all week long.
Somebody's Gonna Die 2Nite-New Jersey Devil

Just Relax-Noah feat Blu

WOW...so what better time for this song then right now. Im sitting at work and i go to order food and at the same time my manager decided to snatch my mac and hide it.HAHHAH very funny. So i'm going crazy since the one thing that i have to be with everyday was gone. So while im going crazy he places it back on my table and i go from heated to chill and relaxed.

Before i get into the Blu track im about to post I wanna say congrats to the boy Blu who got signed to Sire Records which is a branch of Warner Brother. Now to the music. This comes straight from the Japan Producer Noah. Sit back and Just Relax.Enjoy!!!

Just Relax-Noah feat Blu

Play My Music-Reks (Prod. Statik Selektah)

Reks brings you the mindset of every upcoming rapper in the game. This kid just kills every track that i have heard him spit on, don't sleep trust me.Enjoy!!!
Play My Music-Reks
via-Showoff Hip Hop

I Used To Get It In Ohio-Cam

Killah Cam is back and he is explaining to everyone about how he used to get it in Ohio. I wonder hows this is gonna chance the game and how it will affect Skull Gang since their ex-leader is back in the game.Hmmmm and if you haven't seen it yet the Rosenthal Brothers had Cam on their last skit.Go check that out also.Enjoy!!!
I Used To Get It In Ohio-Cam

2 More Ne-yo Tracks

More new new from the R&B singer who doesn't have time to beating up on ladies and rather serenade a lady instead of marinate her face....LMAO...Enjoy!!!

Common Sense-Ne-Yo

Lickin My Finger-Ne-Yo

Freestyle 09-Kid Cudi

Salutations World, so heres the kid Cudi going hard over Rich Boy feat. Polow Da Don's track Drop. I don't know about you but this is the only artist that was featured in the XXL Freshmen Top 10 that actually is gonna go big. It does help when you are backed by Martin Louis The King Jr.
Freestyle 09-Kid Cudi

Flight School-Kanye West & T-Pain

Okay so heres a track that is supposed to be on GLC's upcoming album but its doesn't have GLC on it??? I little different but none the less it is FIRE!!! Yeezy and T-Pain just seems to melt every track they jump on together.(Thought you would also rather look at her then T-Pain)
Flight School-Kanye West & T-Pain
via-The Leader Of The FREE World

Day Job Mixtape- Lyriciss

DMV's own Lyriciss aka The Voice Of The Metro brings you a brand new mixtape for you to blast where ever you live. I know that this has been out for a hot minute but you know you aint got it SMH@YOUUUUUUU. There are some DMV heavy hitters featured on this mixtape.

Day Job Mixtape- Lyriciss

The Unofficial Mixtape-Norm Regular

Salutations World, So its been a while since i have hit y'all up but ima be back hard.(I think at least) Theres just been a lot of shit going on that i have had to clear up but enough of that back to the music.

So its taken a little longer then we thought but YoungNae brings you the newest from the illest group in B-More Y.H.G.M. Going along with their promise of a mixtape every month this month they bring you Norm Regular's "The Unofficial Mixtape". I swear this kid just murders these well tracks from you favorite artist. You can only find this online so i would not suggest you sleeping on this.

The next mixtape from the Y.H.G.M fam will be Lucky's Stringbeans and Strawberries (The Mixtape About Nothing) Be on the lookout.....

Norm Regular-The Unofficial Mixtape

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome To Heartbreak Video-Kanye West feat Kid Cudi

Salutations World so here is another video off Yeezy's 808's & Heartbreaks album. This shit is crazy. Filmed before the lil problem Cudi had with that lame ass show company.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

R.I.P Lamont Coleman aka Big L

Its seems like it has been forever since Lamont Coleman left us to be in a better place.I mean if you don't know or heard of him you should be ashamed to call yourself a hip hip listener. He was one of the greats.It was only 10 years ago he was shot down by a man who was considered his childhood friend.It isnt like he wasnt talented since he was in high school Big L was spitting with a group "Three The Hard Way". It was a bunch of real good friends but L realized that it was never going to be that serious. He did though catch the eyes of the D.I.T.C clique. He was featured on a few tracks with the D.I.T.C boys untill he released his debut solo album Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous. This killed the charts having not one but two tracks on the top 25 billboard rap tracks. Sadly after working so hard on his next album Big L was slain before "The Big Picture" (His second solo album) was released. Its was a very big loss to the hip hop community but he is in a better place.But thru his music he lives on.

 "Im Deadly When I Pull The Pin Out"

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kid Cudi Tasered and Arrested

Rapper Kid Cudi has been involved in an altercation that has resulted in the Cleveland native being tasered and apprehended by authorities, according to multiple sources.

Detail are sketchy, but the rapper apparently was involved in a fight or altercation while at the Reebok party in Phoenix, Arizona. Much of the music industry is in the city celebrating the NBA's popular All-Star weekend.

Eyewitnesses stated that Kid Cudi physically and verbally confronted a pair of Reebok employees. The artist was booked by the apparel company to perform at the venue.

Sources said that Cudi wanted to wear Jordan sneakers on stage, a move that did not agree with the people of Reebok.

Authorities intervened after the confrontation escalated and Cudi was tasered, a move to control his behavior.

The rapper was presumed arrested by police, but actual charges have not been revealed.

A representative for Kid Cudi was not available at press time.

Allen Iverson, a Reebok endorsed athlete, attended the party. From ThisIs50.com

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Swagger Like Us Live @ The Grammys

This shits on everything...Period

Money Over Here - Starrs & Murph

Here's a new track from the duo from New York, Starrs And Murph. Also check out their MySpace page for some nice tracks. http://www.myspace.com/starrsandmurph

Money Over Here (Feat. Vic Damone) - Starrs And Murph

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Joe Budden TV-Joel Wants To Race Me!!!Why?

Bwahhahahah alright so this shit is so classic. And for all of yall that know me doesnt this remind you of someone aka A Dime or Nickel which ever one you are thinking you were faster the me hahahahha

Killa Cam is BACK!!!

Salutations World, so for a hot minute now everyone has been talking about Cam coming back into the game after his lil MIA. He was featured on the newest XXL cover. Funny because Jim and Juelz were just on the last one. Hmm wonder what gonna go on. Heres the video and CDQ of Cam newest song "I Hate My Job."
I Hate My Job-Cam'Ron

Snap Your Fingaz-T-Wayne

Some brand new T-Wayne for the masses. Everyone love a new track by these 2 don't you.
Snap Your Fingaz-T-Wayne

Monday, February 2, 2009

Christian Bale Snapping

This shit is so funny. So Christian Bale goes total ape shit on the set of Terminator Salvation because the director of photography accidentally ruined a scene by walking onto the set. I wish i had the video also but this is classic.
Christian Bale Snapping

Shawty Say Wussup-Jimmi Hart feat Lucky

The B-More Bully linked up with Jimmi Hart to bring you the remix "Shawty Say Wussup. Just some tracks coming out to get you ready for Lucky's Mixtape coming out on March 14th "Stringbeans & Strawberries"
Shawty Say Wussup-Jimmi Hart feat Lucky

The Calm Before The Storm Mixtape-Roob

Salutations World, so while still am in awe from the best SuperBowl ever yesterday here some new music. A little back I gave you Roob's single "Living 4 Tha City." Now I bring you his mixtape "The Calm Before The Storm."
The Calm Before The Storm Mixtape-Roob

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Teaser

Just say this on THisis50.com, this movie looks epic.