Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Unofficial Mixtape-Norm Regular

Salutations World, So its been a while since i have hit y'all up but ima be back hard.(I think at least) Theres just been a lot of shit going on that i have had to clear up but enough of that back to the music.

So its taken a little longer then we thought but YoungNae brings you the newest from the illest group in B-More Y.H.G.M. Going along with their promise of a mixtape every month this month they bring you Norm Regular's "The Unofficial Mixtape". I swear this kid just murders these well tracks from you favorite artist. You can only find this online so i would not suggest you sleeping on this.

The next mixtape from the Y.H.G.M fam will be Lucky's Stringbeans and Strawberries (The Mixtape About Nothing) Be on the lookout.....

Norm Regular-The Unofficial Mixtape

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