Monday, November 24, 2008

Allow Me To Introduce You to ROOB

Salutations World, so here I Introduce you too ROOB. This dude is killing it out in Philly. Just thought I would show the world what great hip hop has yet still to be discovered...Mixtape will be out soon but for now ill just leave you with a lil track to feed your urges until it does drop...Enjoy!
Livin 4 Tha City-ROOB


Statik Selektah said...

ummm that is just a dude rapping over statik selektah ft mop and jadakiss livin for the city... not produced by him. pls fix that

Dan said...

yea yo no disrespect meant stat i aint tell him to write it like that.
i just crushed this jawn off your instrumentals release of s2ts. never meant to imply i had any sort of rights to the instrumental.

hollared at u on myspace to let u kno bout tha track, u said youd check it out and i aint heard nothin back so i assumed u was cool with it.